For Those Who Are Grieving

For Those Who Are Grieving the loss of a loved one: A. The pain never really stops, instead its intensity wanes with time. B. ”I was 2 when my mother died, I had to brace up and pull myself together…”, ”Crying will not solve anything” Do not let anyone dismiss your pain. C. ”Take heart”;…


You are entitled to rights. You have a right to think. You have a right to come into your own and own your thoughts. You have a right to have opinions. You have a right to choose to air your opinions. You do not┬áhave a right to give your opinions when it is not solicited….


 There are some places you shouldn’t feel at home even though you have been told to. You are not accepted there, and your host will not say it. To come out plainly to say we don’t want you in our home is to breach social etiquette and to breach social etiquette is to let the…


I currently live in a regimented environment, and with environments of this nature comes rules and templates of ‘doing‘ and ‘being‘. There is an unvoiced and voiced modifying of behavior everyone in this environment has to undergo. Your behavior has to align to the code of conduct. I have broken the rules more times than…


When you understand your season and you are at peace with it, what others think about the sacrifices you have to make in that season becomes irrelevant.