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After surviving a two hour lecture riddled with curses about how my class is the worst set in the department and how we all are going to fail and never make it out of school with a first class;I drag my drained body to the bus stop hoping to get a bus to take me to my house only to get my ego battered by an already seething conductor who is just allergic to pretty girls that happens not to tell him they only have an 100 naira note to pay for a twenty naira t-fare.

I finally get home and head straight to my bed, I ignore the hunger pangs seeking to tear my tummy into shreds, the blinking red light on my blackberry phone fades next to the sight of my pillow. I just love the velvety smoothness of my pillow. I adjust the weight of my head to the cocoon softness of my pillow and allow my Moroccan wave weavon cascade all over it.

Gradually, I begin to drift to dreamland and start imagining what my wedding night will be like, will the pain be really severe or…..

My flesh and my spirit battle for supremacy. My spirit tells me its lustful thinking and my flesh tells me to go on. I try to indulge in thinking about it and then OUCH!, the pain hits me hard. I feel the familiar sensation right there, there in the power house of my body, beads of sweat break out on my forehead and I begin to plead with God for mercy. Not now, o lord please spare me!


The pain is so intense, I feel like I will never survive this. I drag my already trembling body out of the bed and frantically begin to search for the ibuprofen tablet.

Help me lord, save me from this, why now? I don’t want to fly the Russian flag yet. I feel like my entire body is on fire. I begin to rain insults on my hairdresser for making my hair so tight, I try to soothe the pain by rubbing my waist gently whilst scanning the room for the tablet. I command my hands to refrain from pulling my newly fixed  weave. My beautiful peplum skirt has been creatively designed thanks to my Russian flag. The pain comes again this time mildly and then I feel it pouring like a tap turned on. I am in a limbo.

What should I do now?

The ibuprofen tablet seems to be on a vacay.

From my crouched position on the floor, I can see the armor of  this warfare peeking curiously from my wardrobe. The words ‘stay happy always‘ plays on my lips. I drag myself on hands and kneels towards my wardrobe and then ouch! I doubled over in pain.

I just wish I had super powers

The blinking light of my BlackBerry phone catches my attention. I slowly  drag myself to the bed and pick up my phone, I scroll through my chats and dish out the ‘lol’ and ‘fake smile smiley’ to those who had texted me.

The pain creeps up on my system and then it hits me straight on the head. You know that moment when you realize you had something all along and  you did not make use of it.

The realization that I indeed  have SUPER POWERS dawned on me. How could I have forgotten?

Of course I have the power to stop this pain.

Like a  beaten soldier who suddenly realizes she has the weapon to defeat her enemy, I smiled to myself and braced myself for the showdown.

I bet the enemy and his cohorts were laughing at me all along and poor me, I was just writhing in pain. I bet they had a swell time laughing at my expense and they must have even said to themselves“what a fool”. Well, they had their fun, now its my time. I can imagine the terror on their faces when they realize what I am about to do, a smirk plays across my face “you all are in trouble” 

I mutter under my breath and boldly I brought out the weapon of my warfare THE NAME OF JESUS.

“In the name of Jesus I command this pain to stop” and immediately the pain ceases.
For a moment I think I am part of the cast in a James Bond movie. Did that pain cease or was that a figment of my imagination. The realization hits me again, this time so sharp I almost feel God practically knocked my head back to its right senses.

Then I remember the manual Abba bequeathed to me that contains all  Basic Information Before Leaving Earth. I hurriedly open to the scriptures that talk about the redemption plans and my authority as a believer. I started from Deuteronomy 28-61 which shows clearly that sickness was a curse of the law. Other scriptures that caught my attention were:

Gal3:13 “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us”

Luke 10:19 “Behold,I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over ALL the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Isaiah 53:4-51 “Surely he has borne our griefs{sicknesses}and borne our sorrows{diseases} but he was wounded for our transgressions and he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healed”

I read these scriptures believed it and immediately I started confessing “By his stripes I am healed, you took my sickness and bore them on the cross, it died with you.”

Infirmity has no place in my body, menstrual pain has no place in my body. My body is the temple of the lord, not a breeding ground for the excesses of the devil. I am healed in Jesus name.

I believed these scriptures and I confessed it so much, it got into my consciousness. The thing is this: whatever you believe in, you become one with. If you believe God bore your infirmities and your diseases, you become one with it and  nothing and nobody can talk you out of it.

The scripture says the word of the lord is LIFE. That word lives inside me and anytime I am experiencing gray days, I speak ‘life’ to the situation and it disappears.

Thank God for the redemption plan  which not only provides us the new birth and remission of sins, but it also affords healing for our bodies. Thank God for ZOE, the very life of God we have on our inside that neutralizes the excesses and activities of the devil. Some might say ‘menstrual pain is to small to cast out’, they believe it has to be a really big disease before they can use their authority, they forget that so many people have died of diseases we consider little: headache, stomach pain, ulcer, constipation among others and that is because they were oblivious of the fact that they indeed have authority over the devil.

They are so aware of the deeds of the devil and openly celebrate him. You hear things like {the devil is wicked, he can kill, he can inflict pain and terror}. Those things are true, but they are not our realities so as believers, we shouldn’t be overly concerned about the wiles of the devil. Our major concern should be to use our authority to frustrate the devil and his kingdom.