Boyfriend Palaver.

There are days I feel blessed and there are days I feel really blessed that I have someone like Christian dude all to myself. I mean I love my man. He is one person I feel most comfortable with in the whole world. We talk, gist, share God’s word, pray, play….

What I feel for him is not the normal ghen ghen love that Hollywood and Nollywood paints. The type that you can’t eat or sleep because you are waiting for his call.


There is an unflinching trust between us ,it is more like the coupling of two people who know who they are to each other and who they are in relation to God. He is that type of guy that is very secured, affirms my goals, believes in me and my dreams and even helps in bringing those that are not yet manifested to fruition.
Of course I enjoy showing him off so overtime I have had to introduce Christian dude to my ‘people’ and the kind of skeptical looks I get when I introduce him as my friend is crazy. Some even tell me out rightly to stop acting overly spiritual,“he’s your boyfriend period”.

I’m like say whatttttt.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with this boyfriend cliche thing but I have a problem with people thinking something is wrong with you or giving you the stop pretending  look just because you refuse to go by that nomenclature.

What I and my man have is way to great to be demeaned by a mere boyfriend nomenclature. Must we move with the flow just to fit in, to sound to cool to our peers and be socially acceptable in our social circles. I mean why do people try so hard to change who they are just to fit in to the image of the person others want them to be?

As a naïve teenager living in a world where everyone wants to be termed as a big girl having a boyfriend was one of the sine qua nons to be a person deserving of such title. Looking back now I really don’t get what all the fuss was about. What is the point in dillydallying with a guy all over town, no plans, no goals, no vision, nothing. Although I know this boyfriend thing is more than a cliche, it is now a mentality that has come to stay. I refuse to define my relationship with it or any silly name just to sound cool and belong.

I refuse to define my life by the standards of the world either through nomenclatures or otherwise. I understand the fact that God has called me to a different standard, to set the pace and have others follow. He has provided me with everything I need to be in the head,to be a trailblazer, a pacesetter and going with the flow, doing what everyone else is doing just to be termed cool, on point is an embarrassment to him.

Naaah, I will pass.

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