This Let’s Be Realistic Conundrum.

How real does something have to be for it to be realistic?
What parameters are we using to measure what is real or not?
Our senses?
My thoughts in words when people tell me ” o come on Dee, please be realistic”
I am a thinker. I am largely melancholic in nature, and if there’s one thing I love about being melancholic, it’s the ability to think. That aside, I have a big mind and a big God and that makes me do the obvious- think and dream big. Plus it’s relatively very cheap, I mean, it ain’t cost nada to dream and absolutely nothing to dream BIG
So it’s a safe assumption to say that as a hobby, I dream, as a past time, I dream, as a skill, I dream big…
If only peeps could be paid for dreaming and very well paid for dreaming big…

I have dreams, and the magnanimity of my dreams scares me at times.

They are big and it takes someone with an equally big mind to really understand the import of those dreams else one might just get miffed.

Now you see, what dreaming big does to me is that it makes me exercise my mind and that gets it very flexible and ductile to ‘travel’ and see things in a totally different way. It makes me question imposed stereotypes and norms especially those that are in dire need of change and most importantly and which is the nub of this post, it helps me see possibilities and endless opportunities, it’s helps me see only the real in ‘unrealistic’.
I have come to understand that, that a dream or an aspiration doesn’t fall within the balance of reasoning of what is attainable doesn’t mean it is unrealistic or impossible.
As a matter of fact the reason most people tag things as impossible is because it’s possibility is beyond the scope of their senses, it is beyond their reasoning.  It doesn’t make sense to the senses, it is bigger than what the senses can grapple with. Hence, the tag ‘unrealistic’ and impossible.
Lemme throw in some seemingly random but practical examples to make this clearer.
So some few decades ago, the idea of having a machine that can do your laundry was practically ‘unrealistic’
I mean how will a machine wash your clothes and wash it cleaaaaaaan, let’s be realistic, it’s impossible.
But today?
We have varying brands of washing machine and peeps be buying it even with how pricey it is.
Same goes for some other gadgets we have today, and of course the almighty Mobile phone in all its varying types and brands. Social media is not left out what with twitter, facebook, instagram, and whatsapp.
Some few years ago these things were tagged unrealistic, crazy, unachievable and at worst impossible. why?
Its reality was nil to the senses
But today?
The average youth is social media savvy and even our parents are trying to keep up too.
Some few years ago, the whole idea of having a ‘reality‘ show too was tagged ‘unreasonable’ and unrealistic’ and down right impossible by people.
But today, see as reality show full ground
Big Brother Africa
Keeping up with the Kardashians
To mention a few..
Let’s now take this a notch higher;
The whole idea of marrying chaste was some years ago tagged by as ‘unrealistic’ and down right ‘impossible’ .. I mean come on, ko possible rara
But today..
We have people that married chaste, doing well in marriage and tons of people committed to living sexually pure before marriage.
people‘ also said “all men cheat” and it is unrealistic to expect faithfulness from a man. I mean a man committed to just one woman? Kimmon, that’s impossible, there will always be a side chic…
But today?
People are beginning to realize that to impose a stereotype on ALL men just because of one man’s flaw is not sensible and so the ‘all men cheat’ anthem is gradually upping it’s irrelevance game because more and more people are beginning to realize that not all men cheat and it is indeed possible for a man to be committed and faithful.
You getting this gist yea?
So what exactly is my point?
That an idea/dream/aspiration doesn’t appeal to someone’s reasoning doesn’t mean it is unrealistic.
That your dream doesn’t make sense to ‘people’ doesn’t mean it is not sensible.
That your dream doesn’t exactly conform to stereotypes doesn’t mean it’s unattainable and impossible.
Can I shock you?
Anything is possible..

Say what!!!
Say what!!!

It sounds heretical yea? And you are like, really? Anything???
Don’t jump the gun just yet lemme finish.
Anything is indeed possible WITH God.
Funny thing I have discovered is, these same ‘people‘ that branded that project/dream/idea unrealistic are almost always the first to laud you when it all turns out good. At times it not like they are not even seeing the possibility in that dream, the issue is that they haven’t experienced it so they believe it can’t be done which is not always right.
So sweerie, don’t be mentally bullied into meditating on mediocrity just because your dreams don’t bag the tag ‘realistic’
Don’t for one second try to shrink the size of your dreams just to fit into the size of someone else’s vision.
Naaaaah, don’t do that
Feel free to dream big, chase those dreams and slay it.

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