30 Random Things About Me

Image Credit: Pinterest

1. I am both introverted and extroverted. By temperament, I am melchlosang. The melancholic in me comes to play in new environments..I sniff a lot and only come out when I know its safe. Snobbish is a word I have been qualified with severally. The choleric in me comes to play when I find myself in a group. I’m quick to volunteer solutions, modify conclusions and ask a lot of questions. Forward is a word I have been qualified with occasionally.
The sanguine in me comes to play in a judgement free zone.. here, I open my mind and mouth and talk. I’ve been known to say things others had rather not say.
opinionated is a word I have been qualified with often.
When you add up snobbish, forward and opinionated.. you have weird and that for me is a compliment.
2. The kind of things I say baffles me at times… Dee, are you stupid? is a question that is not far removed from my mouth.
3. Stupidity makes me feel uneasy especially when it’s deliberate.
4. Daydreaming aids me in sleeping faster. I cannot remember sleeping without day dreaming first.
5. I love reading and writing words.
6 . I hate imperatives. I heed instructions more readily when it is suggested to me.
7. I am a stalker. I am that crazy person that can correct you on your own story. When I love something, I dig in really deep. I recently read a 10 year archive of a blog in two days and took a lot of mental notes. I actually felt my soul add weight.
8. The quality of Chimamanda’s thinking fascinates me. I watch her interviews thinking ‘what informs her belief system, value system and thought pattern’. How can someone be this darn intelligent!!!
9. I have read Americanah 5 times since I got it.
10. I live my life based on convictions and irrespective of how unpopular it is, i’m willing to stand by it.
11. I’m quite open about my decision not to have sex before marriage and also my purity journey.
12. I hope to get married early. I define early, before 25.
13. I love Indomie onion chicken flavoUr with an intensity that frightens me at times.
14. I can detach easily from people and things. I heard it’s called ’emotional selfishness’ and it’s bad, I consider it a super power.
15. I’m saddened by people who believe being chaste equals not having a desire to have sex. There is something fundamentally twisted about that belief and I’ve been known to clarify it. I am chaste because I DECIDED to. Yes, I want to have sex. I want to have sex. No, I will not until I get married.
16. I hate animals like hate..
17. I can never marry someone I am not mentally attracted to.
18. Reading my old journals is one way I relieve stress. I consider it very therapeutic. Presently, I have 11 journals.
19. I’ve done the craziest things for knowledge. I did something really crazy recently, the guy just kept ‘wowing’. I am VERY CRAZY about knowledge.
20. ‘I love the way you love me’ is my favorite romantic line. I mean it when I say it and I mean it a LOT, so I punctuate a lot of conversations with that line.
21. I’m very unconventional with my relationship with God. Before I ingest anything from someone else’s walk with God, I go berean on it.
22. The greatest gift God has given me is my mind and I feel very obligated to use it.
23. I hate small talk, especially the type that precedes ‘deep’ gossip.
24. I am deeply moved by deep rich conversations. I mean those type that are genuine, no hold back and very authentic.
25. I sometimes mail online conversations with friends to myself, I hoard Voice notes and record phone calls too. I gain clarity from hearing myself speak and reading what I have written.
26. Sex is a motivation for number 12.
27. I don’t just want a bodily intimacy in marriage, I want an intercourse of the mind too.
28. I have immense respect for men who ‘wife’ intelligent women. The first time I heard DDK speak and read Eziaha write, I asked myself who married her?
29. I have a fetish for books.
30. The kind of relationship I have with my pastor is priceless. I guard it fiercely. At times though, I feel I under utilize the gift of access I have been given.