Is Education the Best Legacy?

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Our parents grew up they weren’t raised, and because they can only promote us to their own level of exposure, we weren’t raised too. Instead, we get an equal chance at growing up, only this time better.

Our parents assisted our thinking for some odd 3-5 years and the decisions we made and choices we took reflected this.

They gave us over to ‘formal education’ for training, they exchanged currency in return for their dreams; the least they wanted in return from us was success, the type they saw in glossy magazines and TV’s dressed up as lawyers, doctors and engineers. That to them typified success and if their children had that then life is good.

Formal education gets us certified by a recognized authority that can attest to the fact that we’ve fulfilled some conditions that makes us deserving of a certificate. Our parents are gleaming with joy…their dreams are coming true through us.

‘Get a good job, then after a while get married and then give us grand children’

Our desire to be ‘great’ is largely fueled by the sense of accomplishment the certificate brings and before long we expect that the world owes us greatness after all a magnum cum laud from Harvard should be duly compensated for.

Life begins to happen and soon our expectations begins to wane gradually. They weren’t wrong, they just weren’t the right the powers that be approved. Right is relative depending on who holds the cards.

The scales begins to fall off our eyes.

We begin to realize that just because we heard ‘education is the best legacy‘ all our lives doesn’t mean it’s true and just because it came from our parents doesn’t mean it can’t be questioned. Usually, the truth is not popular and our parents can be wrong as well as right.

School prepared us to succeed at a job, life demands we succeed first at being a human being. We did not expect to be faced with such conflicting reality. It’s just like studying for an English examination and the exam questions are mathematics. We cannot begin to read in an exam hall.

We realize there and then that there is more to life than school and exams and being book smart. The tools we need to succeed in life are rarely taught in school.

We need answers.

We begin to exercise our mind. First, we ventilate it by exposing it to other perspectives and ideologies. Thankfully, formal education made us independent thinking souls capable of making informed decisions and choices. We start to leverage on this advantage.

Our journey to discovery begins.

We soon realize that a legacy can be many things including, a name, money and education. Education was enthroned as the best legacy in our society, it didn’t have to become our truth without our permission, but because we didn’t know we could even permit and not permit, it became our truth. We’ve lived it for so long, questioning it now seems alien to us and as is the case with conformity, it repels curiosity.

On our journey to discovery, we discover that some things cannot be explained. We have the truth on one hand but making it work seems like we are hitting our head on a brick wall. It dawns on us finally that truth without an intimacy with ‘The Truth‘ is like pouring sand into a basket.

Empty.  Futile. Useless.

We need to have an intercourse with The truth through His word.

A little here, a little there, we learn consistency and listening. Not just the art but the act. Soon we understand that there is a place of communicated knowledge (books, tapes ) but revelation knowledge trumps communicated knowledge always.

He starts to download truths to us usually in raw form, we then begin to convert them into differing expressions. These expressions begins to make sense of truth and soon, truth begins to work for us.

Before long, it just seems like ‘we know how to do it, things are just ‘working’ for us’. Of course, they don’t know how crazy it looked to make a rapid departure from the norm. They have no idea the sacrifices we made on the journey and because humans are humans, they want to copy the answer without  going through our workings.

On our journey, we learnt the most profound truth known to man and that is education isn’t in fact the best legacy, a life of conviction birthed from an intimacy with The truth is the best legacy.

Curriculums can and will change, what is enthroned as best now maybe dethroned later; our lives really isn’t worth handing down to the next generation if it is rooted in the best of man characterized by fickleness.

At the end of the day, the word stands true and sure and through it can true greatness be sourced and sustained.