What People Don’t Tell You About Being Different

Image Credit: Pinterest

There is a loneliness that comes with being different

This loneliness is amplified when you realize that the lens with which you see life is slightly different. So you could be in a room full of people but you are very aware of the difference with which you see life. Usually, you begin to look out for people who experience life the way you do or similarly to the way you do. This search can be frustrating. Really  frustrating.

There is a sense in which being different calls you to another standard

You find that there are some things you just cannot do. You want to do it, you will yourself to do it, but you just find yourself not doing it. It’s like there is this restraint on the inside, an internal reminder that goes off once you try to do some things. This baffles me a whole lot.

You will be misunderstood

This is a big one. You will be misunderstood and with being misunderstood comes the need to explain yourself over and over again. It can be very draining, that need to show that your intentions are good. Being misunderstood hurts but I realize that it’s the reality of life.  I have learnt to be proactive emotionally and mentally. I manage my expectations with people a lot and I also keep my big girl pants very close. A need for it will always arise and I do not want to be caught unaware.

There is a burden of responsibility that comes with being different

You realize that you have to grow up fast. You understand that your life cannot be a democracy and that understanding compels you. For me, I realize that my growth is important not just to me but to God. He is counting on me. A good chunk of the things I do is motivated by the need to not let God down. Others, because I love him
Being different is tough. Tough in an exciting way.