Life Lessons from Serving (1)

Image Credit: Pinterest

I am privileged to serve under a leader I admire, respect and love. We have a virtual group which sits some of our daily meetings, and deliberations. There, she shares daily progress on the vision and then we are left to brainstorm on how to execute. Serving has taught me a few things about leadership and life.

Visionaries are careful about the people around them. They are selectively available. They understand how important it is that the mandate given to them reaches their generation in one piece. This knowledge drives them to be careful with associations. They can’t carry the vision and carry on associations that do not seek to move the vision forward one way or the other. They understand what they carry and anyone or thing that seeks to taint the purity of the assignment before them has to go.

A leader has the responsibility of making sure team members are growing. Their growth is so important. If the leader is growing and the team members are not, there will be a break in communication. The leader is communicating but the team members are receiving what is being communicated based on their level of growth. On the long run, there will be lapses in execution. As a leader you are up there and usually the view from there is different from the view down here. A leader needs to promote her members to her own level of exposure regularly.