Life Lessons from Serving (2)

Image Credit: Pinterest

The purity of your heart is important in service.
You will get tested. Some serve and are expecting rewards from the leader. That is too much waste of expectations and emotions. I have learned from serving that life is more about what you can give rather than what you can get. It is not bad to have expectations of being rewarded. Just don’t direct those expectations towards the leader. Look to God. Usually your reason for serving, is what will sustain you down the line when the excitement and initial intensity of commitment begins to wane.

I have learnt NEVER ever to discuss my leader with people that do not value her call. Why? Their lack of sight may gradually begin to rob off. Learning to protect the integrity of the call and the called is definitely one of my biggest lessons in volunteering and serving.

Closely related to this, is practicing forgiveness in advance towards my leader. I practise this by making excuses or just by plainly unlooking. Leaders are held to a higher standard and because I understand this, I make sure I never find myself questioning the humanity of my leader.

Some people want to serve on a team with a certain leader just for the prestige of saying ”I serve with Mrs. A” or at times it’s just the entitlement mentality. The if I serve her then I can get so and so in return from her. You will be disappointed and quite thoroughly too. Service is not transactional. It is not business. It could take that look at times, maybe from the outside but it really isn’t that way and should not be approached with that mind set.

Service has helped shaped my character.

Many times, service is uncomfortable. I make sacrifices and go to lengths to make sure a project is executed and executed well with or without a well done Dee. I do what needs to be done. Service has taught me to be responsible and to be a woman of integrity. Service has matured my character greatly. I have learned to do the right thing irrespective of who is watching or whether or not I am praised for it. It has taught me to be proactive mentally, has helped me with opinion management, has taught me how to treat people, how to work with a team and most importantly how to see God in certain situations in life.