Image Credit: Pinterest

My thoughts matter.
My perspective matters.
My writing may not serve everyone.
It serves a purpose still.
There is an audience for everything.
There is an audience for my content.
There is an audience for my writings.
There is an audience for my writings.
My audience are reading and they are thankful.
Dee, keep writing.
Write about what God wants you to write about.
Write about your life.
Write about events that have shaped your way of thinking and seeing things.
Write about things you have before now spoken with silence fluently.
Write about the things you want to change.
Write about life as you see it.
Build a resource centre for posterity.
Build a mine of hope people can retreat to. Build a reservoir of passion people can draw from.
Build a home for rarity, a place where being rare and different becomes normal.
Build a dome of creativity.
Use your mind.
Serve God with your writings.
It’s not a suggestion, it’s a mandate.