Approach prayer from a different perspective. Stop seeing it as an activity on a to do list you check out, or an activity you brag about and proudly show off to friends.

The length of your prayers is not in anyway proportional to the depth of your growth. You can pray 4 hours and be praying amiss the whole time. If your motive for praying is just to exercise your mouth or try to beat your friend to it, then you are comic, you just don’t know.

The length of your prayers doesn’t give you a rank in the spirit neither does it impress God if it isn’t coming from a sincere heart.

You see, God is more interested in who you are becoming rather than what you are doing.

See prayer as conversations.
Genuine conversations.

Raw, genuine, deep conversations.


When you approach it this way, you begin to gradually slip from the activity mode and step into the communion mode.
You miss God and you want to talk to him.
You want to involve him in every aspect of your life.

Prayer becomes something you look forward to.



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