On Becoming

Image Credit: Pinterest

I no longer approach opportunities with the mindset of it is going to be easy.
I now have a renewed mind set towards challenges.
Challenges are opportunities to grow.
I am after growth.
I approach challenging opportunities with a posture of the mind that says ‘I want to be better’
I have finally pruned my expectations and accepted that difficulty is a reality of the life we live.
Difficulty Is not a perpetual reality for me, it is occasional. I cannot predict it’s coming or going and that is why I have learnt to be wise with managing difficulties.
I use difficulties.
I no longer see it as the evil phase.
I see it as a servant.
Difficulties are sent to help me become better.
They actually are, doing me a favour.
Rather than shy away from it, I go in for the growth.
I am after what is on the other side.
The new person that will emerge after this challenge.
There is a kind of person I want to be.
There is a kind of woman I want to be.
There is a kind of life I want to live.
I still have that fear that comes from trying new things.
I still have that anxiety that comes from not knowing what this challenge brings.
I am growing, and as I grow, I keep pruning my expectations of life.