Life Lessons from Serving (3)

Unity of purpose is very key.

A united mind and a united view of the purpose of the leader is so important.

As a team member, I realize strife becomes a thing when unity of purpose has been tampered with. When one team member starts esteeming her contributions towards execution as the backbone upon which every other thing rests, something goes off. Unity is threatened and clarity of purpose begins to fluctuate. The view is getting distorted. Service has now become a demonstration of skills.

”Hello, I am here, Notice me”.

When a team member begins to feel indispensable, when the vision becomes subordinate to your need for approval, it is no longer service. The danger in this is when a team member’s view gets tainted, everyone suffers.

Similarly, when a team member begins to slip into the I feel used mode, it is dangerous.
I have learnt that guarding unity and purpose of service on a team is as much individual responsibility as it is a collective responsibility. I am constantly engarde.

I flip my discernment switch on very regularly and take charge. I sniff and read in between the lines, constantly trying to uproot tares and re-install peace. I achieve this by reminding other team members regularly of the vision and why we are here.

There is also a behind the scene strategy, where I have conversations with God and He in turn teaches me how to get everyone feeling needed and useful.

I also pray. Prayer makes me aware of influences that are not right, and teaches me how to nip it in the bud.

What it means to be a team is, we all come together to lay down our individual strength for the collective good of a course. Teaming is, I am responsible for you and you are responsible for me, you cover my back, I cover yours. This is not a demonstration of skills. This is not who is better than who. It is, where is my strength needed and how can I channel it to move this cause forward.

The platform of service is not a vehicle to promote selfish ambitions. If you are good you are good. Come on board service with a mind set that your giftings and skills are already validated by the only one who can never take it away.

If your skill is dependent on a regular dose of validation from other team members or your leader, you will get tired eventually. You will feel frustrated and under appreciated. Teaming is, we all understand why we are here and we will do what we need to do to get the job done.

At the end of the day, the vision must be represented accurately. The ultimate goal is excellent execution.


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