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As with most things in life, sex comes with expectations. You go into sex with an expectation of how it should be, how you should feel and all other stuff in between. And then you get disappointed. The problem wasn’t sex, the problem was your expectations. Your expectations disappointed you. A lot of what people call sexual incompatibility is heightened expectations of sex that wasn’t met.

A wiser, older, matured, married woman once told me ”when you eventually decide to have sex, go in with a blank mind”.  Go in with the mind set of I want to learn, I want to explore.

I have stumbled on sex in differing ways and usually they don’t appeal to me the way it has been projected to. I believe it is because of the way it is projected. I see sex as worship. There is something private and intimate about sex that makes it repulsive to watch when it is cheaply commonized and reduced to a 20 seconds flick used to drive traffic and increase ratings.

Sex deserves to be respected. 

The practical reality of sex is not familiar to me. I am saving the honey for the moon and when I eventually do want to explore, I am going to attend a sex school. Sounds crazy but I am going to milk the experience dry and wring it for what its worth.

Those graphic representations of sex we see in the media are rarely true.Premarital sex is made to look cool and hip and trendy. If you are wise and very observant you will realize that that is just an advertising strategy, a media stunt. The media trades in perception and rarely, very rarely does perception  coincide with reality absolutely.

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