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Recently, I started to think really deeply about the term ‘creativity’ and here are my summations:

  • Creativity is the activity of creating. Bringing practical reality to ideas that were confined to the mind. Calling those things that are not as if they were and bringing them to life.
  • Creativity is not meant for some hallowed group of people. Arguably, the quality of the ideas some people are birthing into life might trump yours depending on your standard and definition of ‘trump’/ ‘better’. However, inherently in everyone’s makeup is the ability to create.
  • As a Christian, creativity is a genetic gift from God. Every child of God is creative.
  • Your creativity doesn’t have to be my creativity for it to be considered and called creativity. Just like every other thing in life, creativity flows out of you based on your individuality.
  • Creativity cannot be copied. It can inspire but it can’t be copied.
  • We are all created uniquely, our creativity is an extension of that uniqueness.
  • Comparison threatens creativity. You do not have to compare or use someone’s creativity as a benchmark for yours. Creativity is uniqueness, and to put a benchmark to it is to stifle it.
  • Someone else’s creativity can inspire the creative in you to come up, however when you start to pattern your abilities according to someone else’s uniqueness it is no longer creativity. It is imitation.
  • I don’t believe creativity can be taught. There is something unguarded, spontaneous, slightly unaware/ unrehearsed about creativity. It just flows.
  • Creativity can be honed into a craft. There are certain things you do unconsciously or consciously but seamlessly that people always compliment about. That might just be it.

I loved this post ‘What is creative’ by Jeff Goins, you can read it up here (

P.S I have five posts I am currently working on (some are scheduled already, I might just need to add one or two things).

Being misunderstood, What does it mean to be yourself (might rename it)?, Sexual pressure, Christianeese for new believers and a Dear Diary post. So, anticipate.

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