Dear Diary: Hey, Daddy’s New Baby

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Dear Diary
August 31st, 2017
My room, somewhere in Nigeria.
Current Status: ‘Blue.’
The inspiration to write this diary entry came to me some days ago. I have been sick for a while now and in between what seems to me like long draggy, boring days, I have had cause to have conversations with God on a number of things.
I didn’t plan to write this post, I still don’t want to write it, I actually don’t plan to write a lot of the posts I publish, many times inspiration hits and I just know I need to put down content somewhere.
As at the time I decided to write this entry, I didn’t even know the words could form. My phone was not so attractive to me, so the thought of writing wasn’t appealing. I was weak, body heating up, had a banging headache, nauseated, crazy taste buds, I just was ‘off’ in every sense of the word. As I read this entry from top to finish in preparation for scheduling and eventual publishing I am just reminded again that He provides the content. All I need do is obey when He says write and hit my fingers to my keypads.

Hey boo,
So you just gave your life to Christ and accepted His. And that makes you Daddy’s latest baby. The implication of receiving this new life is that you have given Him permission and legal right to INVADE your life.
Okay I am kidding.
You are somewhat terrified by the invade your life part yes? Hahahahahaha
I’m sick, literally.
Permit me to restructure that thought.
You have given Him permission to lead you, direct you and teach you what to do.
Welcome to Christianity hon. I am so very very really very very happy to have you on this side of the divide. You see, I could probably take you through lessons upon lessons about what Christianity entails but I am not exactly an authority when it comes to spiritual matters. I am just a not so average, not so simple, Christian Chic. Plus I am 23. Meaning, I do not qualify as an authority on spiritual matters (Timothy is probably giving me a side eye like watchu saying girl??).
The qualification is not largely based on age persay but numerical increase is expected to come with a measure and level of growth and experience and I can’t exactly say I have a lot of that.
Just thinking out loud and laying it straight on the table, so expectations are not screwed. Lol
I have tons of advises, Daddy actually put me up to this. I have a feeling this might involve more later on but for now let’s just go with the girl to girl, sister to sister flow. You know we are sisters right? So, sisterrrrrrrrr(lol) sounds good.
I have lots of advices to give you and I would subsequently but first I need you to understand that Christianity is a relationship. Christianity is a relationship with God. It is NOT just about going to church. You have probably heard that you need to go to church. Yes boo, Christianity involves church but it isn’t limited to that. I should tip you, you will hear a lot of theory and to-dos of Christianity and and you might be swamped with too much information. It is a phase and it will pass. Eventually you might need to learn a bit of Christianeese too.  You will need it. Quick advice though: Sieve every theory and to-dos, and how to-s and should do-s with the word. VERY VERY important.

Like I stated earlier, I am not an authority on spiritual matters, just like you I am on a journey with Daddy. I have been for some years now and it’s been a potpourri of few crazy experiences here and there.
So, you are new to this side of the terrain so I can bet you are slightly ‘blue’. You probably have what I call religion shock.
You are possibly trying to adapt, trying to fit in, trying to learn the ropes and how to’s of Christianity.

First, I would advise you get a Bible. You know same way you buy a product and you depend on the manual to help you make sense of how to use that product, yes boo, that is what a Bible is to a Christian. It is a manual. Personally, I see it as a crutch. I need it to walk well.
I would advise you get a study Bible. The difference between a Study Bible and a regular Bible is the difference between Nigeria’s Cold stone ice cream and the ice cream you buy off the road. It is RICHER.
Some recommendations:
The Everyday Life Bible by Joyce Meyer.

My momma did a post on it here
The PC Study Bible: I personally use this and it is quite good.

pc_study_loadI would also advise you get a journal. A journal where you can write anything and everything to God in.

IMG_20170902_082630_editPersonally, when I write in my journal, I am mentally prepared for the consequence that comes with a third party reading it.

You might not like it, and you may. I don’t want to assume but if it happens you don’t like it, I would recommend you opt for journals that have locks.

You can get them online or just check your local stores.
I would also recommend you get some other effects to make your ‘quiet time’ a rich experience.
Sticky notes, Sticky note case, colored pens, a confession board.

I hope this helps you kickstart your journey. I will be back with a post on ‘Now I have my Bible and study kits, what next’ and ‘Christianeese’ soon.
Till then, be good.

Lots of sister hugs and kisses