On Introspection and Becoming.

You interact with people everyday, the stranger you greet on the street out of social etiquette, the gate man at work who is old enough to father and mother you, the receptionist who barely acknowledges your presence, the colleague who is as much friend as she is a snitch. With every interaction did you ask yourself, who am I becoming?

You work 8 hours on the job everyday, You give out time, brains, brawns to get the work done. You execute defined objectives clearly, you innovate, you create ideas, you are meticulous with every deliverable. At the end of the day, did you ask yourself, who am I becoming?

You give out 5 hours to church every Sunday. You take down notes, lift up hands in worship, cry, gripe, claim your miracle, bind the devil and his cousins, break some chairs for extra effect. Ever just chilled for a while and asked yourself, who am I becoming?

You weed out the distractions around your vision, you trim your focus and readjust your resolve, you start fueling your goals by taking deliberate and intentional steps, you attend conferences, workshops, seminars, meet and greet, brunch, one on one’s.
Ever just paused a while and asked yourself. What is THIS process teaching me, who am I becoming as a result of what I am doing?

The word for now…

Who am I becoming…



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