Musings on Choices, Maturity and Freedom

Image Credit: Canadianloghomes

Maturity shows in the way you respond to and handle situations. Maturity has kinds. The maturity needed to handle differing situation varies from time to time. For instance, in some situations, assertiveness is maturity and in some other situations, you understand that to be heard, you need to be quiet. Being quiet at that time means maturity. I am not one of those people that believe being perpetually quiet means maturity or wisdom. I do not believe maturity means one thing and being quiet perpetually at times might just be a gimmick for hiding a sense of inferiority. Maturity could mean a lot of things.

Maturity is an expression of wisdom. 

I also believe it is possible to be wise and not be mature. Or better said, it is possible to know the solution to a problem but not have the executive weight and carriage to handle it. Maturity is in levels. It is not a state, it is a progressive reality.

There is a kind of maturity required to process what freedom is.

Freedom is not the license to do whatever you like. Freedom means being given choices. Being empowered with the ability to make decisions about your life and take choices that can fuel those decisions. I have observed that choices at times is given and at times it needs to be taken.

Choices, usually are handed to people with a good decision making system. If you are still been given mandates, if choices are still been given to you in doses and even with those doses, you need to give a proper account of it, then it could mean that your decision making system is not exactly strong enough to bear the responsibility that comes with being given multiple choices. At times, you need to convince that you are ready to earn freedom. And at times, you just take it.

True freedom has some level of restrictions.

Maturity helps you with restraint, it provides that template for self expression and helps you process and project your choices on the right platforms and in the right manner.
Not all choices are meant to be taken. Some choices are expedient and some are not.

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