Image Credit: athomeinlove.com

Too much proximity ruins relationships.

Whenever you find that you are beginning to lose sight of the value of a relationship, or you are beginning to take a relationship for granted, especially one that has the propensity to move your life forward (mentoring, fathering) step back a bit.

Step back from the relationship for a while.

If clarity is something you believe you haven’t found yet, step back until you get it.

If maturity of mind is something you believe you don’t have yet to process the relationship, step back until you get it.

Proximity with value/The anointed  without clarity and maturity of mind  can ruin you and ruin the relationship altogether.

You can learn from a distance.

You can love from a distance.

Close enough that you can see the patterns you want replicated in your life and far enough that familiarity won’t be a thing you are up against.

Do this from time to time, reassessment that is and watch your relationships thrive.