Nothing to Prove

Image Credit: Pinterest

Having  nothing to prove doesn’t mean you are nonchalant about how people perceive you.

Having nothing to prove means you accept yourself so much, you are fine with people seeing you in any other way different from who you are. When people misunderstand you, it no longer becomes an offense. You are fine with it.

You understand that people understand people and things differently and their perception of you is not an estimation of who you are, hence, there is nothing to prove.

At times you need to be grateful that some people misunderstood you. It is a part of the journey and if you are wise, you will allow this process teach you and form something in you.

In life, there are some people that shouldn’t take you seriously.

The same way there are people you know should take you seriously, there are some that should not.

You are not sent to everyone, your message cannot serve everyone.

So, stop trying to correct their perception of you. Stop explaining yourself every time.

Life has taught me that you need to be misunderstood to get to destiny faster.

The reason you feel drained and your pace seem slow and you aren’t fruitful as such is because you are doing too much work of explaining yourself to people who are not supposed to take you seriously.

That time, that energy, that devotion can be channeled into something more productive.

Embrace your authenticity  and express it in the confines of love. Let wisdom guide you, let understanding restrain you.

Above all, live at peace with all men and let all you do be from a position of love.


You have nothing to prove.

One more thing, nothing to prove is a place.

Discovery, Vision and Intimacy with God gets you to that place.