A Human Confessor

Image Credit: Pinterest

There are times dialoguing with God seems like a bore.

You believe He doesn’t understand. He cannot relate. He just doesn’t get it the way you do. He seems too far away, too big, too up there to get it.

Get a confessor.

A human confessor, you can pour it out to.

This person is both a confessor and a router.

Someone whose usefulness is not to be God in your life but to help you air your mind at times.

Someone you can confess your frailties and insecurities to.

Someone you are sure can and will redirect you to God at the end of the day because her presence in your life is not to replace God.

Someone who you are accountable to  for the blue days.

Someone who can give you some sort of perspective.

You can promote some friendships to fit this need.

However, your confessor doesn’t have to be your best friend, she just has to be intrigued about God, accessible, loyal and close mouthed.