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There is a kind of exposure that we are taught to aspire to and accept as superior.

The exposure that comes with knowing and understanding the evil nature of man and his equally terrible intentions towards you. The exposure that says life is evil and you have to suffer a while before you attain a level of height. This kind of exposure is widely celebrated and when attained is called wisdom.

Being ‘exposed’ and ‘wise’ in Nigeria  means you know when someone is about to harm, cheat, steal from and lie to you. If you don’t know these things then you are naive.

I don’t agree.

Exposure should not be made to mean just one thing.

Nothing in life should be made to mean just one thing.

To reduce something to mean one thing is to limit its potential.

I believe it is lazy and disrespectful to reduce exposure to just knowing the negativities of life. It is equally very rude to reduce wisdom to a garland you wear because you have encountered some harsh realities of life.

I believe exposure is a ‘balanced’ understanding of both sides of life. Exposure is encountering the harsh and good realities of life and then choosing which side you want to view life from.

Diluting your perspective about life with experiences from both sides helps you to make informed decisions. Don’t tend towards extremes- too exposed to what is bad about life you don’t know what is good,  too exposed to what is good about life, you don’t know what is bad.
To be this way is to be a certain kind of naive.

I believe the reason we are the way we are as a society and as a country is because we have way too many people who are exposed to just one side of life and are unwilling to know what is happening on the other side. We believe our version of exposure is superior and others should come on board else they die of ‘ignorance’.

Our naivety is a national issue and it doesn’t just weakens us, it limits us.

So, Mr. A and Mr. B are having a conversation. Mr. A is speaking from his own level of exposure, Mr. B is receiving and interpreting what is being said based on his own level of exposure. At the end, nothing is achieved because the time we could use to think up positive ways to move forward as a society is spent on bridging the gap between our level of exposures.

Our naivety makes us progress backwards.

What if we have a forum for harmonizing our exposure as a society.

What if we had town hall meetings and exposure hubs, where different people can come together and get exposed to one thing consistently.

This one thing could be a dream/vision/aspiration that unites our thinking and helps our collective reasoning system as a society.

This exposure doesn’t erase the fact that our individual differences are still very much alive and active and we are all entitled to choose what we want to encounter and not encounter in life.

However, just Imagine if we had a collective reasoning system in Nigeria..

Imagine if this collective reasoning system is regulated and driven by one exposure..

Imagine if that exposure was a Nigerian Dream

Imagine us having a Nigerian Dream