What Megan Good Taught Me About Christianity.

Megan Good probably wouldn’t make a poster image for Christianity in some circles, reason being, the outward expression of her Christianity doesn’t fall within the balance of spirituality that a lot of Christians are accustomed to.

I LOVE Megan Good, I love among other things the quality of her heart, her love for God and the quality of her marriage.

Megan Good is one woman my love flows towards without my permission. I can’t help but love her. There is just something about her. I believe it is because she redefines what it means to be virtuous.

We are accustomed to virtuous as the condition of being without scars, but Megan makes me see virtuous as not just Ā the absence of scars but a willingness to hand the scars over to God and then letting Him make out of what He wants. She redefined virtuous for me. To be virtuous is to be yielded. To be a willing and active participant in God’s plan for your life irrespective of your scars.

And her marriage…

G O A L S.

I LOVE the way Devon loves Megan.
I heard him say once in an interview

” A lot of people know me as Mr. Megan Good and I am not in any way embarrassed by it and if that is what is written on my tomb when I die, in addition to knowing that I pushed her and loved her into fulfilling God’s call for her life, then I know I am fulfilled”

The way Devon loves Megan truly makes me believe in love. I love their love.
Their love makes me fall in love with love. I especially love how expressive and vulnerable they are with each other. I love the ministry that their marriage is, the platform it is being expressed on and how they are redefining conventional wisdom and thinking with it.


Some lessons Megan has taught me about Christianity:

The (outward) expressions of our intimacy with God differs and differences doesn’t have to mean division.

That someone else’s representation of faith doesn’t fit into your definition of Christianity doesn’t make you more Christian and they, less Christian.

Estimating people and their abilities from a purely human point of view shows that there is something about my perception that has to be heightened.

The best way to teach people about God is to love them

God doesn’t show your heart to everyone, He shows it to people He can trust it with.

The lens with which you see life and view others must be taken from God.

The Proverbs 31 woman is not the standard, Jesus Christ is the standard.



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