Dear Diary: Hey, Super Star.

Hi there, super star.

Pull a seat, grab your journal and pen, let’s have a conversation.

I know you think you are all that and a bag of chips.

You pick the mic and the words just flow, you hit your fingers on the keypads and the words just flow.

You are the solution to this generation.

You have probably heard that and more over and over, you are beginning to embrace it.

People now regard you differently, where they call you by your name before, now they call you by the  prefix: sir/ma. 

And gullible as you are, you think you have suddenly arrived.

Pull your chair closer and listen to me very carefully.

The world is attracted to your gift, God is after your fruits.

Write that down.

The world is attracted to your gift, God is after your fruits.

The call is from God to man.

You are sent by God to man.

Never reverse the order.

Never ever reverse the order.

As you go on on your journey, never let the compliments get to you.

Never let the applause and accolades get you to the point you think you have arrived.

You have not arrived.

Write that down.

You have not arrived.

It is important you understand that people cheer what they think is right.

Their validation is no proof that you are on track.

So keep your head down.

Don’t promote yourself to a position validation has prepared for you.

Validation is fickle and fleeting, it promotes today and demotes tommorrow.

If you commit yourself to the validation and allow it define you, your impact  will be limited to the frequency the validation comes with.

Promotion is from above and nowhere else.

Study the patterns of the life of antecedents, look very closely, you will notice that before any tangible results was produced, there was a process, several seasons of obscurity.

Obscurity always precedes promotion.

Obscurity always precedes greatness.

Embrace it.

Obscurity will prepare you, it will prune you, it will teach you, it will help you.

You see, there is an ordination that is first private, it is between you and God only.

The public ordination, yes, I mean the one done in the presence of people is a physical representation of the private.

The private ordination is more important and that is where your validation should stem from.

Man may want to sway you with pomp and praise, refuse to be swayed.

Refuse vehemently.

Stay hidden until you get the green light to do otherwise.

Do not fall for fleeting validation, do not ever think that validation is any way reflective of you doing what is right.

It could be the other way round.

I know you want your name on the lips of people.

You want the ‘gram life and all the works.

Your want is legitimate, you are human.

It will come eventually but now is not the time.

There is a kind of person you need to become for the kind of life you want.

You have a long way to go.

Keep it low.

I could write more and I will subsequently.

For now, put these to heart and ruminate on them.

The world is after your gift, God is after your fruits.

Fruits over gift.

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