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 There are some places you shouldn’t feel at home even though you have been told to. You are not accepted there, and your host will not say it. To come out plainly to say we don’t want you in our home is to breach social etiquette and to breach social etiquette is to let the gods of poise, hospitality and nuances down.

As you go on in life, listen to your intuition and wisdom, they will save you most times and help you see through subtleties.

Conversations will be initiated about other people to test your reactions. You apply diplomacy.

Situations arise to test what you profess, pass the test.

Some compliments are barbed with scorn, you receive them only to recycle.

A leadership platform is offered to you because it is meant to validate you. You turn it down with dignity.

Corrections, motivated by a need to promote inadequacies are extended towards you, you decline it sensibly.

Responsibilities are heaped on you as an act of indifference. Intuitively, you want to accept it but wisdom steps in and restrains you.

Intuition tells you to rise to the occasion, prove that you can do this. Wisdom teaches you that your esteem doesn’t have to be massaged every time by responding to every ability. You do not have to debut what you can do every time.

There is nothing to prove and you do not have to prove that there is nothing to prove.

In the school of life, wisdom and intuition are mutually inclusive. They are siblings, they work hand in hand.

When both contend for a place in your heart, put a leash on your intuition and pick wisdom.

The difference between intuition and wisdom?

It is like the distinction between identical twins, you have to hang around both for a while to find out.