Image Credit: Forouzansaadat

You are entitled to rights.

You have a right to think.

You have a right to come into your own and own your thoughts.

You have a right to have opinions.

You have a right to choose to air your opinions.

You do not have a right to give your opinions when it is not solicited.

You need to earn the right to speak into peoples lives.

You do not correct if it is not solicited, you do not advise if it is not asked for. I know you just want to help, but your help at times is not helpful.

Keep the opinions.

I agree you are the leader of the pack and advising & correction comes with the territory but speaking into peoples life doesn’t come by position, it comes by the relationship you have with the person.

It’s the reason why the President of Nigeria can tell me how to behave as a proper citizen of Nigeria but needs to earn the right to tell me how to style my hair, wear my clothes, choose my meals, love my man, train my kids.

Speaking into peoples lives with a level of certitude is a right that has to be earned.

If you are not close to that person and have a level of proven skill with giving commendable advice and opinions, keep it.

Well done with adulting.

May you adult gracefully and apply wisdom with interactions.