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There is something called emotional recession. It is a phase in your life where your emotions are experiencing hangovers. Your life doesn’t exactly look like what you planned, so in order to blur the reality, you take solace in discussing other people’s flaws.

You call a pity party, invite two or three people depending on the intensity of your recession. You begin the conversation by tabling the gory facts about your life and how you cannot believe this is you, this is the present reality of your life.  Afterwards,  you proceed to comparison. You need it to salve the sting of the bite life has ‘supposedly’ dealt you.

You start to reel out a mental database of the people in your life who in your estimation are ahead of you. You start to discuss their flaws and slowly your pathetic life begins to pale. You feel good on the inside and  just like someone under the influence of drugs, the giddy feeling only lasts for a while . You spiral downwards and the aftermath of your pettiness leave scars.

They do not tell immediately of course, gossip doesn’t come with immediate consequences. It takes a while for the scars to show.

Five years down the line, ten years down the line, you will wonder why you are so bitter and empty.

The scars of gossip have left an imprint on your soul that will take more than I am sorry to blot out.