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It is okay not to have your life altogether.

It is okay not to know your purpose yet.

This is not to make you complacent, it is to make you rest.

This pressure is doing you no good.

Running after prophets to give you a vision for your life is doing you no iota of good.

God is not wicked.

The God I serve will not put you under such difficulty.


That you don’t have your life altogether doesn’t mean you have failed.

Failure is a definition of comparison.

You are comparing your worst with someone else’s best.

Have a conversation with yourself.

What do I dislike about myself?

Can I change it?

How can I change it?

What will I do differently daily to achieve this?

On purpose, have a conversation with God.

Pull a seat for him and talk to Him.

Daddy, I need a vision to run my life with, what have you purposed for me to be? what have you called me to do?

I believe you will speak to me, I believe you will reveal it to me. I love you.

When He decides to tell you your purpose is up to Him, so what do you do in the main time?


Rest actively (rest is a verb after all).

Keep on trusting Him and keep on doing good.

You will be fine.