On Boundaries and Principles

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Be careful with letting everyone in on your life.

Don’t allow just anything or anyone around you.

I understand you are a people lover but you need to learn to define relationships.

It is called principles.

Divide your relationships based on value and relevance.

What relevance do I bring to the fore when I am with this person?

How much impact hits me when I get together with this person?

Ask yourself questions.

Define how far is too far and how close is too close early.

It is okay for your relationships to come with terms and conditions.

Your life is worth the effort.

Your future is worth the definition.

Guard your space.

Guard your territory.

Time is of the essence.

Define how far is too far and how close is too close early.

Some people do not understand boundaries, so you  have to teach them both verbally and otherwise.

Some mistake being principled with being prideful.

Teach them to understand that one is motivated by love, the other is motivated by ego.

They don’t have to get it at first teaching but insist still.

Teach with words and teach with actions.

Silence is another useful teacher.

Use silence to put some relationships into proper context.

Not every message requires an immediate reply.

Not every phone call should be picked.

Boundaries and Principles…

Also, don’t give out the mystery of who you are readily and cheaply.

Not everyone should be granted a front seat at the reading of your life proceedings.

Hoard a little.

Hoard a little of the mystery you are.

There is a curiosity that attends to mystery.

There something attractive about mystery.

There is something mysterious about you.

You are worth the work.

You are worth the time.

You are worth the energy.