People Resolutions

Image Credit: Pinterest

With a bit of experience under my belt, here are some resolutions I plan to make a lifestyle of  going forward:

  • Hold that shy girls hand in a room full of people. Teach her the ropes and make her feel welcome until she longer has to question if she is accepted in this space or not.
  • Study, observe and understand that girl’s triggers. Understand she doesn’t want to be put out there and it is not because she is not assertive, she just does not want to at that point in time.
  • Give affirmation like a daily supply of fresh air. Make sure the ambience I carry is charged with so much positivity, negativity does not stand a chance.
  • Make people feel at peace with their humanity. They do not have to be a certain way to be liked or loved. They just have to be themselves.
  • Learn to tolerate the indiscretions of people. Treat it with caution and live for them to see they can be better people. I do not have to criticise and bash you to do right, I have to live out and model the right I want you to be so much so that doing right becomes something you slip into unconsciously.
  • Never participate in a conversation that celebrates the flaws and indiscretions of others. In a conversation, once I feel virtue leaving me, I bow out irrespective of what social etiquette proposes.
  • Be a bit more sensitive to the vulnerabilities of others. Some people are not aggressive, harsh and mean, they are just hurting. Understand when too close is too close and give succour even though the need for it is not verbalised.
  • Actively practice the act of listening and paying attention to details.
  • Daily ask myself : Were your priorities placed rightly today?