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Something happens to you when your mind is not changing at the pace at which your life is changing.

You set your life alarm on opportunity o’ clock. Opportunity comes and your life changes but your mind is still on snooze mode.

Life is happening but your mind is  lounging. Soon you will begin to feel hiccups.  You will begin to feel like a spectator in the movie of your own life. Things will be happening around you but it will be in a blur and because things are blurry, you begin to trip.

Take a leave of absence from life, shut the door and begin to work on your mind.

Read. Observe. Observe a lot. Introspect. Ask questions. Ask lots of questions.

These practices does something to you first on the inside and then seeps through to the outside.

You begin to see things differently and understand things differently.

You begin to take control of your life.

You no longer live with a sense of gratitude- a gratitude that comes from a place of inferiority. You no longer feel like you are underserving, unworthy, unfit for this life.

You become more confident, more in control.

You fit into life smoothly  like it was custom made for you.