Fidelity- A DEEfinition

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Fidelity in a relationship is not just about not having sexual intercourse with someone else because you do not want to hurt your partner. Fidelity is way more than that.

Sex is just one of the things our relationship needs protection from, not all.

Our relationship needs protection from fear, doubt, pride, ego, expectations.

Fidelity is way more than sex.

Fidelity is, I can  trust you not to reduce what we have to just physicality, to just sex, to just intercourse.

There is more to us, more to life than sex. Can we get  past sex and explore other  core areas? 

Fidelity is about trust.

Fidelity is about loyalty.

Fidelity is, I can vouch for your attention.

Fidelity is, I can vouch for your interests.

Fidelity is we can sieve our relationship from time to time and remove the shafts of who we were because who we are becoming as a result of our union is making us shed old skin like we are changing clothes. Fidelity pushes us into renovation. Renovating and renewing our convictions.

Fidelity is truthfulness.

Fidelity is sincerity. 

Fidelity is, I can trust you to look out for my good and protect me from everything that seeks to threaten my growth as a human being, my expression as a woman and the beauty& innocence of what we have.

Fidelity is, as my friend I can trust you to stick it out for me.

Fidelity is, I can be insecure and flawed with you and it will never be an issue.

Fidelity is, I can trust you with my vulnerabilities and I know that your perception of me will not be distorted.

Fidelity is, you see me as close to the way God sees me.

Fidelity is, I know that you doing me dirty will never be a question I need to provide an answer for.

Fidelity is present continuous.

Your trust in me is present continuous.

Your loyalty for me is present continuous

Fidelity is, I might not do right every time but you trust that my heart is right.

Fidelity is, I may not represent every thing I should be right now, but you are cheer leading me all the way.

Fidelity is truth. 

The expectations attached to my fidelity are a bit much, I am aware but if  you believe what we have is beyond us, what is a conversation where we can harmonize our expectations about fidelity going to cost?