Unspoken Rivalry

Image Credit: Pinterest

It is a disease peculiar to humans.

We do not like someone because something in them forces us to notice them and acknowledge their humanity. We do not have a reason not to like them and that annoys us.

We want to have a reason not to admire them, not to respect them.

We secretly question:

Why did the God of the universe have to chose them?
Why do they have to be so effortlessly beautiful?
Why do they have to be so creative, so intelligent, so poised, so articulate?

On the surface we interact with them normally, we might even be friends with them, but half the time, we are cringing inwardly.

We wish we were like them.

We wish we had what they had.

We wish we could speak like them, act like them.

We start to harbor conflicting emotions towards them.

It is called jealousy and because we hate that we like them and love that we hate them, we begin to cultivate beef.

We intentionally start to seek out shortcomings.

We train our eyes to look out for their flaws and when we do see them, we feel that emotion that is a mixture of glee and happiness.

We are comforted that they are not special after all.

We are frenemies to them.

We know. They know.

That is the madness of it all. They actually do know.

The rivalry maybe unspoken but it is very loud.

Crazy stuff.

They know we don’t like them, but they do not dignify the latent beef and awkwardness and that drives us nuts. The normal thing would be for them to acknowledge the hostility and then react but they do not. They choose not to react and this drives us even more mad.

Some people  sign up for unspoken rivalry willingly. Some people do not.

Situations enlists us into it and then we become active participants, and at other times we are fortunate to be the object of muse in a decent display of unspoken rivalry.