Your Thoughts

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God works with your thoughts and your words.

The reason you are not still there could be tied to the quality of your perspective.

Where you want to be is 2 Terabyte, the seat of your perspectives- Your mind is 200MB.

What do you want Him to do?

He has great intentions for you but the platform for expression is limited. The capacity He chooses to leverage on is small compared to what He wants to do and so He is waiting for you to do something about it.

You want Him to do something, so you wait for Him when in actuality, He is the one waiting for you.

He is waiting for you.

He wants to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask, think and imagine but you are not giving Him much to work with and unless you do, you will still stay there a while.

A lot of the things God wants  to do with you will require you to change your mindset first.

You will need to trim the weeds occupying space in your mind because to get to where you think you should be, you need to elevate the quality of your thoughts, perspectives and words.

You need Exposure.

You need to expose yourself to things that have inherent potential to stretch your mind and improve your imaginations and by extension your words.

The principle of exposure is this: You become what you consistently expose yourself to.

You become in thoughts and actions what you consistently expose yourself to.

Expose yourself to the realities you want to walk into and see yourself become that.

Expose yourself to the people who are living the life you want and see yourself become them.

Or you could choose to do different.

Different is in the little things.

The major a lot of people minor in

Truth is if you are reading, watching and listening to what everyone else is, you will become what everyone else is becoming.

So yes, go for exposure. Do it virtually or otherwise, go at your pace, make it a everyday to do, pant after it, chase it down, but apply wisdom.

Lots of wisdom.

Not every good thing is meant for you.

Recall the goal is to be a kind of person.

Still on exposure, Read. Study. Go out. Listen. Observe. Create time for meditation.

Create time for meditation.

It is a major you need to major in.

Prioritize these things and watch your life transform.