You Need A Soul Fast

Image Credit: Pinterest

I heard that gossip especially between women is normal.

I also heard it is impossible for girl-girl friendships not to come with the gossip bondage.

I have maintained a friendship with my girlfriend for over a year and we don’t do gossip. It is a deliberate principle we put in place. We talk about literally everything but never about people and never their flaws.

Talking about people and their flaws obscures the inadequacies in your own life and makes you feel good about them.

Gossip scars.

When you realize you are flawed, discussing the flaws of others becomes hard to pull off.

Gossip scars you.

Gossip scars your soul.

It tampers with the purity of your heart. When you find that you are jealous, bitter and too critical of people, the purity of your heart has been tampered with.

You can be a better person.

Go on a gossip fast.

Resist giving your opinion about someone unless it is solicited. When you are tempted to discuss someone else’s flaws, think of something positive about them. When confronted with their flaws by others, make excuses for them.

It improves the quality of your person and makes your soul weigh lighter.

What you call emotional recession at times is carrying a soul weight of criticism, bitterness and negativity.

It’s the reason why you are having hangovers and your mood keeps swinging.

You cannot sow hate and reap love.

You cannot sow gossip and reap mercy.

Life deals with you according to the measure of good you dispense.

Sow good words about people and reap same.

Proceed on a gossip fast and make it a recurrent part of your soul detox.

Do it at least twice a month until you get to a point, gossip becomes unfamiliar to you.