Image Credit: The Perfect Pallette

A lot of things in life seems like and appear like but are rarely it.

A lot of the people you are comparing yourself with are people who have laid down their life to appear like they are happy, rich and successful.

They are selling perception and you are taking it as reality.

They were taught that to become rich, happy and successful, they needed to rehearse the experiences of the rich, happy and successful.

So they picked a human specimen and started to rehearse her experiences hoping to graduate into reality.

What they failed to understand is rich, happy and success are relative terms.

What is considered successful in a place might not be regarded as successful in another place.

The interpretation of these terms depend on people and the thing about people and perception is they are fickle.

People interpret things differently and what meets one persons taste bud might not agree with another’s.

The people you are losing sleep over comparing your life to are in a sort of bondage because their life is now a public performance and the thing about performances is one show is not enough.

You need to keep reinventing yourself and making appearances in order to keep your circle of influence.


True wealth, happiness and success will find you. Until then, send a memo to your nerves. Date it : From now henceforth and make the content: Calm down.