Finding Your Space

Image Credit: Pinterest

Finding your place, your space, that thing you were born to do can be hard.

I know because I have been there.

It is especially hard when you have not found you.

It is hard to find what you were born to do when you do not know what you were born for.

‘Doing’ springs from ‘being’ and it is easy to tell when your doing is  off.

Something about it will not gel.

You see, life at times is like a boutique you have to keep trying on several dresses till you get the one that fits.

There are times you see a dress and you can tell immediately just by looking at it that it fits and other times, you just have to keep trying. Some dresses fit but their texture doesn’t suit you, others fit and the color is cool but you feel awkward.

Don’t settle for others definition of what it feels like to find your space. Only you can tell when you find your space and when you do, you will know.

You will just know.

You will know when you find the ‘perfect dress’. Perfect will vary as you are evolving but you will know deep down when you find your ‘dress’.

You will know because it will fit.

You do not have to squeeze yourself or cry, gripe, squirt before you put it on or take it off. You literally glide into it.

When you find that thing that you were born to do, two things accompanies it:

Ease and Peace.

There is an ease that comes from there.

There is a peace that springs from there.

Doing becomes almost effortless.