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I have been a student of purpose for a while and the lessons I have gleaned especially in recent times have proven to be a great resource.

Purpose has taught me the principle of selective availability and I in turn have had to communicate to my emotions same.

For instance, I now carefully choose what I will allow get to me and what I will not. I understand that I cannot lend my emotions to every situation hence, selective availability.

So a situation arises and requires anger from me, I ask myself questions like:

Do you need this Dee?

Will this emotion get the job done?

At other times, I call impromptu meetings with my emotions, I have them all seat at the table of my decision making and then instruct them on what to do, what not to do and re-iterate to them who calls the shots.

I decide what to feel and when to feel.

Doing this has helped me mature emotionally.

It makes me feel more in charge of my life. It makes the practical reality of the word responsible true for me.