Bring Your Own Shoes

Image Credit: Pinterest

Something someone told me about leadership in recent times has made me think deeply and differently.

He told me: Coming on board leadership, do not try to fit into someone else’s shoes. Come in with your own shoes.

I found the advice very wise, so I took it.

Very recently, I was appointed to lead on some platforms. Feeling very unequipped to lead, I knew it was time to put the advice to use. I decided to bring in my own shoes and wear them. You know what I learnt:  When you try to do things that do not come natural to you, you run into trouble.

Coming in with my own shoes has to be my wisest decision yet.

The absence of pressure I have, the lack of need to ‘perform’, my spontaneity in doing what is required of me  is enough proof that I made the right decision.

Having enjoyed a level of peace from interacting with this truth, I am extending same to you, more like tendering it for you to consider.

Maybe you should not try to fit into someone’s shoes. Maybe you should come in with yours. There are times you need to run, get your sneakers on, there are times you need that discipline but relatable feel, get your stilletos on, at other times you need to brisk walk, step into your slippers. However you chose to lead, do it in your own shoes.

I hope you apply this and if you do apply, let me know how it goes.

Good luck.