Musings From My Stalking Notes

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I like Jesus. I really really do and because He is my life textbook, I take a considerable amount of time to meditate on His life and His impact.

His birth was prophesied, next thing we heard He was born and with His birth came a national massacre. Kings were threatened by Him and what He was going to exude. He was a baby but men who had powers in their hands were threatened by Him, by what He could grow into. They were threatened by his future, the man He was going to become. And so a massacre was declared to maim their insecurities.

Next thing we hear, He is 12 years old, found in the temple with doctors and teachers of the law brimming with wit and wisdom.

What does a 12 year old know that compels the attention of doctors and scribes?

The next 18 years of His life was never recorded and because my mind won’t let me be, I have asked over and over and over again:

What went down during those years?

Next thing we read about Jesus, He is 30, and for the next three years, dude literally held the earth in ransom.
His acts, His depth, His conduct, His speech was none like we had ever seen or heard.

Dude was revolutionary.

I strongly believe something happened during those 18 years and what happened gave birth to acts that cannot be rivaled with even after two thousand years.

The power of obscurity.

Those 18 years were periods of obscurity and boy did Jesus use those years. He  used those years to process the mission and the vision. He prepared for an earthly ministry that was going to last for 3 years but it’s impact eternal.

Some questions I would love for Him to answer when we eventually get together and hangout:

Did you grow like normal kids?

Were you considered ‘normal’?

How did you process your divinity?

How did you reconcile your paternity?

Did you gamble between following your earthly fathers passion and your heavenly fathers mission?

Did you grow up or were you raised?

Did Mary and Joseph have a conversation with you about what you were born to do or did you grow into the awareness?

How did you prepare for what you were born to do?

Did you experience social hiccups?

What exactly did you do during those 18 years?

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