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There is a quietness induced by temperament and there is another produced by self-control.

One can be limiting, the other can be empowering. One can be a box, the other a tool.

A lot of times people allude wisdom mostly to quiet people but that is not necessarily true.

That you are quiet does not mean you are wise by default. Wisdom does not attend only to people of a specific quality.

You can be outspoken and wise.

The assumption is, because you hoard your  words, when you do decide to let them flow, there is an expectation that it should be worth the wait.

That is also not necessarily true.

Not every quiet person is wise and quietness is not the sole proof of wisdom.

Wisdom comes with a weight and that weight constrains your speaking and acting.

The outward expression of taking in that weight produces quietness.

kind of quietness.

There is another kind of quietness that can be learned.

The need for this quietness usually arises in certain seasons of life, a season of life I call the incubation season.

When life puts you in this season,  quietness  has to be intentional. It is a priority.

You literally become an Issachar  and so, same way you prioritize reading, cooking, doing your nails, quietness is prioritized too.