You Are Too Much

Image Credit: Pinterest

You are too serious.

You think too much.

You feel too much.

You are too ambitious.

Can’t you just be like others, for once?

Must you talk?

Must you keep quiet?

Why so calm?

You are anti-social.

Why so feisty though?

Tone down a bit.

Pretend to be weak so that people can feel less threatened around you.

Your strength is intimidating.

Your personality does not reflect what we are accustomed to, you should change.

Be normal.

You are a couch potato, you should feel ashamed.

Your choices are strange.

Your oddity threatens.

Nobody likes you.

Nobody understands you.

Why  are you like this?

Who you are is enough.

Choose to be.

At peace with your humanity, at peace with your individuality.