Times and Seasons

Image Credit: Pinterest

Life is going to test your resolve, your convictions, your value system, your relationships and  literally everything you have going on and stand for.

Now is the time to start prepping so when temptation comes you won’t be caught unawares.

Life is in seasons and phases.

With each phase comes tests, possibilities you can grow into and people you can form alliances with. You need to be sensitive so you don’t miss out.

A lot of things in this season will not come in the form you expect it to. They will come in a cloak, you need to unwrap and then find.

Take note of the words: cloak, unwrap, find.

A lot of the things that will move your life forward especially in this season will not always come in the form you can readily recognize.

They will come in form of seeds.

You will need to do a lot of seeing rather than looking, a lot of listening rather than hearing.

You life will make a lot of faith and not sense in this season.

At times, it  will  make sense to you and no sense at all to others, at other times, it will make sense to you but not the kind of sense you will understand.

Your life will take a rapid departure from the norm.

You will be incorrect in some spaces.

That is fine.

These experiences are tests but they won’t look like it then.

Take this as a guide of some sort. With resilience, faith and courage, you will make good use of this season.

Keep on keeping up and you will be fine.

Remember growth is on the other side.

The person you can be is on the other side.

Don’t quit.