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I am currently pruning my becoming list for the next 3 years with a major emphasis on the next 13 months of my life.

I am adding on new things and letting go of  so many others.

As I adult, I realize my wants have changed.

I no longer want what I was taught to want.

I want my needs.

I want peace with a fierceness that increases daily.

I want introspection.

I want conversations.

I crave conversations.

I   crave deep, rich and genuine conversations.

Conversations that are not staged. Two people who don’t like each other but have to like each other because it is just supposed to be so.

That emotion that simmers between two people. That unspoken awkwardness.

I want to get to a point, I can tuck in the awkwardness, get past the crazy vibes and learn.

I want to learn.

I want growth.

I crave growth. 

I want freedom.

I want me time.

I crave being

My greatest need is to be.