Salient Lessons from the Corporate World

Image Credit: Pinterest
  • Provisions are scarcely made for ignorance. You are expected to know certain things.
  • It is a dog eat dog out world there. Fitting in is a statement of being ‘normal’. You don’t fit in and you are tagged a social outcast.
  • The credibility of your performance is a definition of comparison. How good you are is left to the discretion of your supervisor and his judgement of you is based on how well you perform against others.
  • Whether passively or actively, you are in a competition and everyday is a battle for relevance.
  • You must be ready to prove your abilities or go home.
  • There is a dearth of nurturers. That you are a ‘graduate’ is enough conclusion that you should know somethings, once you slack in catching up, you are moved to the ‘bench’
  • There is a code for every space, you need to find the code and use it.
  • Friendship is overrated and loyalty is underrated in the corporate world.

Working in the corporate world has taught me one important lesson: As I evolve my taste and thirst for things changes.

If it happens that I ever end up in the corporate world, it has to be one I created.