A Litmus Test on Perspectives

Image Credit: Clayplant on Flickr

Three people are in a conversation, someone walks by and does not greet.
The question is this: Why didn’t he greet?

A: He probably didn’t see us.

B: Dude probably was engrossed with his thoughts, he didn’t know he didn’t greet.

You: How do you not see people? We are just three here so how come he didn’t see any of us? You guys are excusing his pride, he does this all the time. He feels he is all that, we are too small to be acknowledged.

There are so many interpretations this incidence can be explained by. Ask yourself:

1. Why did I choose to interpret it this way?

2. What formed the template for interpreting his action this way?
Past experiences, present realities, expectations?

3. What are the emotional implications of interpreting his action this way?

Does it make me feel small that I wasn’t greeted?

Should I feel small because I wasn’t greeted??

5. What does my interpretation of other people’s actions say about me?

6. How does my judgement of other people affect me?

The answers you get give you an inkling on the state of your soul.

For number 5, usually, the way you interpret people’s actions is a (in)direct reflection of your heart towards them.