Ode To The Woman I Used To Be

Image Credit: Pinterest

I took a mental stroll today. It was a shallow attempt at decluttering and shutting down the open tabs in my brain. If you are introverted and you have an hyperactive mind you will get this struggle.

While strolling, I stumbled on fragments and crumbles of who I used to be and it just made me realise how much adulting and evolving I have done in recent times.

My willingness to be misunderstood is one, my willingness to look foolish is another, my ability to own who I am and set the pace and tone of my life is yet another.

Years back it used to be about ‘them’ and ‘they’. A lot of my life’s choices were littered with those two words. Now, it’s more ‘I’ and ‘my’ and while these two words are general markers of selfishness, they are markers of acceptance and adulting for me.

The fact that I can choose what and how to define my life, the terms and conditions it will run with is yet another indicator of growth for me.

I have grown.

It thrills me to know that I have grown.

It thrills me even more to know that this process, this journey, this deliberate need to archive this growth is not just therapy for me but a guide for someone else.

Here’s to the woman I used to be. You were cool while I was you but then I realised I could be more and I did.

I became..