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There are times you see someone put on a certain clothe and within seconds you can tell this is original.

There are other times you have to move close to really see if the clothe is original and at other times you need to touch to check if it is original.

Life has taught me that people are like clothes. Some, you can spot their uniqueness from afar. You do not need to come close to know, you just know.

There is something about originality that announces itself without trying to pose for an advert or lobby for attention.
Original is always obvious.

Some other people look like it but on closer inspection do not feel like it because original has a certain texture, a certain feel.

Others look like and feel like but a person that has a trained eye for quality can tell intuitively that this is not it.

There is just that inkling, that nudge on the inside that whispers: this is not it.