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You don’t call for attention at the display of someone’s ignorance. You of all people should understand how this ignorance thing works. We all know the person you used to be. A placard carrying activist as long as ignorance was involved. Then life happened. Knowledge happened. You didn’t stumble on it, and become this overnight, you grew into it.

Life lesson 1: People grow into things.

That they don’t know now doesn’t mean they do not desire to know or will never know.
To conclude about them at their present level of knowledge is to admit you are short sighted.
If you have the gift of sight and proven experience in seeing, then you will understand that people evolve and the same grace we gave you in the days of old is not for trampling on people or making them feel who you are now and the level of intellectual depth you have acquired is not attainable.

Life Lesson 2: Be kind.

Rather than shaming them and inviting others to pick on their lack, un look. Or do the honorable thing, celebrate who they can become while helping them be better.