Still Saving the Honey for the Moon

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How does commercial sex play out?

I understand sex is potential value and anything that has value is worth being exchanged for money. But then again, how does trading sex in exchange for money feel? I have heard some sex workers recount tales about how it all works but because I am that crazy woman who isn’t satisfied with sort of answers, that question keeps lingering in my mind.

Experience, other peoples experiences have taught me that sex is not something you want to do for any other reason apart from love. Sex is bland if love is taken out of it.

There is more..

There is more to sex than having your privates host a meet greet with another persons privates when the light is dim.

I wonder why the light has to be dim though? Is that a way of showing courtesy to sex, or is it an outward expression of a Nigerian mindset that sex is something you should do and people shouldn’t know about?

On Still Saving the Honey at 23.

I watch people. I observe people.

Their reaction is always a blend of disbelief and then doubt and then indifference. The shift in the reactions especially as it shows on their faces puzzles me as much as it amuses me.

While, I have accepted that saying I am still waiting will always be trailed by these reactions, I still look out for conversations where that singular admittance will be followed with just an expression that says cool and nothing else.

On Having a Conversation with a 26 year old Male Virgin.

When I say male, I mean the integrity of his masculinity can be proven by the width of his shoulders, six pacs and a keep off aura. I was genuinely taken aback.

Like you said what bro?

You have never gotten any?

Like never?

Why was I surprised? It is self evident.


That conversation revealed my ignorance and the fact that my interactions with others to a large extent, unconsciously was shaped by stereotypes.

That guy, disappointed my expectations

I expected him to be having sex, because somewhere sometime, I had estimated what he was capable of, what he should be capable of based on his appearance.

As I pen this down in conclusion, I can’t help but think, I still have a long way to go in understanding this thing called life and its nuances.